Wrightsville Beach, NC to Norfolk, VA around Cape Hatteras

Sailing offshore for 3 days and 2 nights was.....






Very hot some of the time

Quite cold some of the time

Exceptionally wet sometimes (fog)

Uncomfortable in one way of another lots of the time

A little lonely some of the time

Extremely challenging some of the time

Monotonous some of the time



It brought home in a very visceral way that the only constant is change -- that making a friend of Uncertainty is one good path to Deep Peace & Deep Joy. 

The plan is to set off again tomorrow to sail offshore up to Lewes, DE.  Hopefully arriving there on Thursday. 

Looking forward to seeing Stephanie's Moms, Judy & Mary, and Richard & Shirley, and maybe we'll get lucky and Alex will be in town. 

From Lewes, we'll look for good weather to sail to Block Island, I think.