Circumdance Home.jpg

"hey dawn, want to sell our house, quit our jobs, buy a sailboat, and go sail around the world?"

"sure.  why not?  sounds like fun."


circumdance:  to dance around

circumnavigate breaks down to circum-, "around," and navigare, "to navigate."   

it can also describe going around something that's too hard to go through.  

we heard dancing was a shortcut to happiness and that it should be done furiously during hard times.  

also, dancing sounds like a lot more fun than navigating.

won't you come dance around the world with us?    


Circumdance Home.jpg

Adam (Wanted to go live on a boat.)

After 18 years of working in Law Enforcement, Adam was ready for a change of pace.  He has always loved being on the water, so after many years of living in the mountains, he hatched a plan to get to the ocean. 

Dawn (Loves an adventure.)

A mountain girl with a deep love of nature and an insatiable wanderlust--As soon as Adam mentioned sailboats, she signed them up for sailing lessons.

S/V Deep Peace

(Home Sweet Sailboat)

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