I made this video with my phone, on July 14th, 2016, for my 6 year old nephew who had seen a photo of the outside of S/V Deep Peace and asked his Mom, "But where is the shelter?"  He had never been on a sailboat before.  You'll see from the video that at the time it was made, Dawn had also not spent a tremendous amount of time on a sailboat.  Feel free to laugh at her, she is certainly laughing at herself every time she watches this video.  Later in the day this video was made, Adam & Dawn made an offer to buy her, contingent on the results of a survey and sea trial.  To our delight, her owner accepted our offer and we were on the way to becoming boat owners!  

S/V Deep Peace is a 1996 Shannon 43 ketch.  S/V means Sailing Vessel.  Shannon is the builder.  Shannons are built in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Ours is 43 feet long and took 9000 man hours to build (I know, I was shocked too.)  Ketch means that she has two masts, the main mast and the mizzen, which is smaller and further toward the stern (back) of the boat.  

S/V Deep Peace has had two previous owners and was once called Logos.  She has lived in many other parts of the world, but was back in Rhode Island when we found her.  So that is where our Living On A Sailboat Adventure begins.