Notes from morning meditation

My morning meditation was preceded by reading parts of Thich Nhat Hanh's book, How To Love

Immediately following my meditation I jotted down these notes:

How to love ---deep listening and loving speech (action) ---

Ask the loved one, do I understand?  Listen.

In meditation, when legs go to sleep...  do I understand you legs?  Listen, learn, be skillful.  Do I understand sitting meditation anatomy enough.

Instead of good and bad, more or less skillful.

Standing meditation - pain in low back (and at helm of boat and sometimes in museums or at any work that involves long periods of standing) -  what do I need to learn?  Do I understand low back anatomy well enough?

If the loved one is my own body, my immediate environment, my community, my state, my country, my planet, etc...

Listen deeply, communicate lovingly,

Ask, what do I need to understand?  Help me understand.  What would you like me to better understand?  Keep asking questions lovingly and listening deeply.

Sometimes the answer is deeper than or other than words.