attention to detail

Looks like we will be in the Wilmington area for another little while, waiting for yet another version of my new contact lens.  The very lovely eye doctor that I am seeing here is not happy with the fit of any of the lenses that have been created so far.In each case she has measured, ordered, and waited for them to be delivered.  When the lens arrives, I go in to her office and she looks at how it fits.All of them have touched the graft from my corneal transplant (2007) and in each case a slightly steeper lens was ordered.  Today, a fourth lens was ordered and she also ordered one from a different company.

We had planned to be in Wilmington for less than a week.  It's coming up on a month now.

The good news is my eye doctor really cares about the health of my eye.  If I leave here wearing a contact lens that is touching my graft, it could create a scar in the long run and that would compromise my vision badly.  With some things perfect is the enemy of good enough, but in this case it's worth the time it takes to get it right.

In other news, boat interior decorating is happening.