to do list

explore one word descriptions in foreign languages

listen carefully, and carelessly



* learn guitar & Uke

* learn to spell ukulele

* reread sociology textbook

* find that one radiolab episode and share it

* reread the chapter involving Andrew Jackson from The People's History of the United States, & also the part about WWII

* reread the Fall part of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

* get a yoga mat

* get a guitar strap & a book about learning classical guitar

* get a sensor brush for the camera

* learn how to sell photos and writing

* learn how to write a book

* get Neil Gaiman's book:  The View from the Cheap Seats

* listen to classical guitar songs

* practice juggling

* tree pose, chair pose, plank & side plank

* make a video for Jasmine

* get that YouTube channel in order

* make a link from circumdance dot com to the YouTube channel

* read your email

* send photos to Jamie Lynn & Coach Andre from the boxing gym

* figure out how to use Lyft to get back to the boat

* practice knot tying

* learn celestial navigation

* get rid of several items from aft stateroom to make more room for guests

* clean the bilge again

* brush up conversational Spanish

* find out the rules about going to Cuba

* subscribe to New Yorker, Yes! Magazine, High County News, & ?, as soon as we have some income (submit photos / writing to ...?)

* figure out where would be best to AirBNB the boat for a couple or few months

* make a boat AirBNB listing

* boat registration / documentation

* travelers health insurance? 

* read Outline and In Transit, by Rachel Cusk

* Seven Seas Cruising Association membership

* reread everything at Indivisible dot com

* get a better / deeper / broader understanding of why the US & Russian both can't keep their militaries out of Afghanistan

* call Mom

* call Jordan

* send that book to Kaysha

* thank you cards

* love letters

* conversations with elected representatives  

* learn how to read newspaper and magazine subscriptions on kindle

* reread Beautiful Trouble

* read something by Helen Keller


Breathe.  Love.  Play.  Sing.  Dance.  Laugh.