a traveler's heart song

there are songs made of confusion, chaos, leaving and love.

there are bags made out of recycled pop bottles that can hold your pens, journals, postage stamps.

there are political revolutions made out of heartaches transformed.

there are bicycles that fold up so small you can put them in a suitcase.

there are podcasts with poets who are no longer living, but yet still are sharing wisdom -- heartfelt, wholehearted.  and books about daring greatly, falling down, rising strong.

there is green grass (so green it glows), blue sky, white clouds, yellow dandelions. 

there is cold air -- brisk, fresh.  and warm air that turns sea to mist.

there are ways to navigate that require no instruments, ways to travel that require no movement. 

once I stood on a mountaintop and breathed in the sky.  

today I have a headdress made of clouds, boots made of waves, jewelry made of stars.  


~ by dawn on a mountain, April 2016 and dawn on a sailboat, August 2016