Rainy day. Repairs. On the water in Rhode Island...

Rainy day. Repairs. On the water in Rhode Island.

Yesterday was laundry day. Laundry day is a little different when you live on a boat on a mooring ball in the middle of a bay.

Today we are doing important maintenance and repairs on the head (toilet) hoses and holding tanks of #SVDeepPeace .

Tomorrow or Thursday will be bilge cleaning. Yum! (No. Not really.)

This little book (see photo below) is helping me keep my sense of humor. It was left on the boat (with loads of other very useful things) by the previous owner. Each time we open another drawer or look into another storage space we are overwhelmed by the previous owner's attention to detail and organization skills. We are super lucky to be the owners of this particular boat.

There are some not fun parts of boat ownership and some steep learning curves, but this is true of almost everything. Most of the fun things come with their own particular challenges to overcome. Once we get the chores done, the fun can begin. (Right? Someone please say I'm right about this.)