Beds and breakfast.

We had been eating at a lot of roadside stands and decided, for health and pocketbook reasons, that we needed to learn to eat on board and provision the boat well. (Thank you so very much to everyone who replied to my fb post question about what you would bring on a two week journey!) this morning we are having an easy snack for breakfast: "Mary's Gone Crackers Super Seed Classic" crackers with avocado topping. (And coffee made in a French Press).

Today our mission is to get some new bed mattresses for the forward and aft berths (both bedrooms). The old ones were a little old, and a little smelly, so we tossed them out. It isn't as simple as just going to the mattress store and buying new mattresses. The bed spaces are oddly shaped, so we have to measure and have them made.

Smell mitigation is coming along.

Photo: boat breakfast today.