why we haven't been sailing yet.

We haven't been sailing yet. Why? Because the boat is not yet registered in our name. We have to wait for it to be deleted from the Australian registry so we can register it in the US. Meanwhile, we are finishing up the changing of the head hoses. This is one of the least pleasant boat maintenance jobs that there is. And just when it was almost done, we ran out of hose. So off we went to West Marine again. We now go to West Marine as often as we used to go to Lowe's in Glenwood Springs. The cashiers have begun to recognize us.

Then back to the boat, Adam had all the parts put back together when he discovered that the macerator has a blown fuse. He is now looking into all the "Very Useful Boxes" in which the previous owner had stashed all sorts of very useful things, looking for a fuse.

When this job is finally done, we can clean the bilges, which, it must be said, are not very dirty as far as bilges go.

I can't imagine anyone I would rather be on this boat with - Adam is a mechanical genius. And he just found fuses!! I am incredibly lucky to be married to Adam and I know it. And we are incredibly lucky to have this particular boat. And we know it. Even though there are unpleasant bits. That would be true on any boat and in any house.

In the time it took me to type the above paragraph Adam put in a new fuse. And it blew immediately. He is currently investigating the cause. I have faith that he'll have it all sorted before bedtime.