Silver linings + phone drowning.

Hello all you lovelies, My phone slipped out of my pocket and overboard as I stood on the bowsprit attempting to pick up a mooring stick yesterday in Onset Harbor. Since my phone was in neither a floating nor waterproof case, it went to a watery death (along with my debit card which, thankfully, was the only thing I had in my phone wallet case). I do feel rather badly about the pollution I added to the ocean.

If you need to reach me, please call or message Adam. For now, I am relatively incommunicado.

I am not entirely convinced that “things happen for a reason", but I do like to look for silver linings.

Silver lining to as yet nonfunctional auto helm: I am getting better and better at hand steering in varying conditions.

Silver lining to gummed up dinghy engine: quieter over-water commutes to land + upper body and core exercise.

Silver lining to sheered pin in the anchor winch (called a windlass for a reason that is unknown to me): I learned how to pull up the anchor using a spare line and an alternative winch.

Silver lining to me without my trusty phone: I immediately got out my big camera, which I had been woefully neglecting, and spent a day wandering around on land shooting only in manual mode. And this morning, with no internet at my fingertips, I immediately edited those photos so I could upload them to a gallery on our website as soon as I got to the library and the lovely library wifi.

Right now, I sit typing while listening to some preteen boys argue about the intricacies of a video game in the Newport, Rhode Island Public Library which is one of the nicest libraries I have met in my travels. Their conversation makes me smile. The librarian cheerfully shushing them makes me smile even bigger.

Here is the gallery of the photos I took the day before yesterday in Onset as we walked to the grocery store, as well as a few shots of the surroundings just before we headed out for Newport.