While wandering the streets of Savannah, my attention was caught by a shop window filled with strings of paper stars.I went inside. There were many beautiful things, including a cozy corner with a few books and toys. I spent about an hour there and chose two books, one which I wanted to read & send to Jasmine & Nova and one which I wanted to read and send to Kaden. As dark fell, Adam joined me in my meandering and we found a noodle place which looked fun and bright. I had had some moments of feeling melancholy, which I often do when I am face to face with the heartlessness of unchecked capitalism — people on the streets whose needs are clearly not being met next to shops selling goods only the richest can afford. As we sat to eat, a little girl at the table next to ours caught my eye and held it. I smiled and said hello and soon we were friends. I asked her if one of the books I bought was any good, if she thought my granddaughter might like it. Her mama read it to her and soon we were all chatting— Adam & I and a Mama & Daddy & their two daughters. During our conversation we found out that we all used to live in Colorado. When the Mama said her youngest daughter’s name, Nova, and I said, “my granddaughter’s name is Nova and my other granddaughter is Jasmine,” and then the Mama said, “My name is Jasmine!” It all seemed too much magic. I’m so grateful for whatever magic sat us next to Jasmine, Nova, Promise, & Chris for a yummy, noodle dinner tonight. As they were leaving, 4 year old Nova said, “I want to give you a hug.” Adam says I still look like I’m about to cry. What a world. #BeautyInTheWorld #JustBreathe #JoyDetective #Gratitude #Wonderment