"Where are you?"  Right now I am sitting in a really great coffee shop called Copeka Coffee, in Grand Junction, Colorado.

"Did you sell the boat?"  No.  It's in Boston.  At a marina. 

"Where are you living?"  In a van.  Mostly in Grand Junction.  We are are fixing up a fire damaged house here to sell to supplement our travel funds.  Also, my grandchild lives here.  She is impossibly adorable.  It hurts me to think of being very far away from her for very long.  

"Will you go back to the boat?"  Yes.  We still intend to sail around the world.  Just maybe not all in one go.  

"Are you really living in a van?  Yes.  It's terrible and wonderful, depending on my mood when I am asked about it.  It has a great bed.  A heater.  Electricity.  A small kitchen.  Adam built all of these things.  Adam is amazing.  I think that maybe Adam should start a business converting vans for people.  

"You should run for office"  Yes.  Maybe.  I made a mistake in changing my voter registration address last November that has made it impossible for me to run for office in Garfield County this year.  I'm bummed about it.  I really wanted to run against the current Sheriff.  I felt so alive when I was thinking about that race and the long shot possibility of winning.  The amount of good that could be done by a progressive Sheriff, for the community, for the employees of the Sheriff's Dept and Jail, and for the inmates, is invigorating for me.  I learned a lot this year about the requirements of running for office.  I may run four years from now.  It's hard to see that far into the future.  I'm still hoping someone else will step forward to run for that office this year. 

"You should write a book."  I am.  Starting a few weeks ago.  I don't know how long these things take.  I have never written a book before.  I hear one should write for a few hours each day. 

"You should start a YouTube channel in which Adam shares construction and fix-it knowledge."  I agree.  We just have to convince Adam to be on camera now.  

"You really should paint a tree outline on the outside of the van."  I agree.  Someone convince Adam.