I am she as you are she and you are me and we are all together

Yes, I am taking liberties with a sacred and profane Beatles song and yes, I want us to experience this truth.

May all sentient beings be deeply joy-filled, highly aware of the interconnectedness of all things.

May we all be motivated by our love for each other and the stunningly beautiful ecosystems we are a part of.

May our Us, our We, grow to include all of existence and may we forget how to Other each other.

May all humans experience the exquisite goodness of quiet mornings or evenings in places with clean air, clean water, nourishing food, & comforting shelter.

May we heal the divides in our communities and our one large Earth community and take care of each other, lift each other up.

May we grow into a new kind of social contract, one that leaves no one starving or homeless or poisoned or locked up.

May we learn true restorative justice and may we live it until it is the norm.

May our discussions be fiercely loving and our inventions be tools for healing ourselves, each other, and our planet's life support systems.

May each and every one of us know deep love, deep joy, and deep peace, and may we step forward, with courage, from there.

photos: my granddaughter at Connected Lakes State Park, Grand Junction, Colorado, summer 2018