in the worst of times, create the coming best of times

I am rereading Rebecca Solnit's book, "Hope in the Dark; Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities". She reminds us of Dickens' words, "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." and wryly comments, "It usually is." Our time, today, is no exception. Amazingly powerful movements are forming all around the world to address every issue. Good people are doing good things simply because their hearts tell them they must. At the very same time rallies are being held with cruel laughter at the expense of the most vulnerable as their glue. Real human beings are being harmed by ugly government and corporate policies. Ecosystems are being destroyed while other ecosystems are being restored. Human beings and animals are being crushed by the indifference of the global "free" market, exploitation, and resource extraction. And every moment of every day, human beings are standing up for each other, for animals, and for the ecosystems they love, for no reason other than because they love.

Rebecca Solnit reminds us that the future is always uncertain, always dark. It is our loving action that lights our way forward into a future we want to inhabit.

Mr. Rogers reminds us to look for the helpers. Ellie and I met so many, many helpers at the Texas / Mexico border. We met so many helpers and so many of our fellow human beings who had enough faith in our system of government that they risked their very lives and the lives or their children to come here and ask for our help.

Look around. Find the other helpers. Find ways to help. Sometimes it's just a smile and a kind word. Sometimes it is time that we have to give. Sometimes its money. We can usually help, even in some small way. The small things add up.

We are all powerful healers and the way we heal each other is through love. Sometimes it is just a listening ear and a hug that starts the healing. Sometimes we have to just listen to our own hearts. If your heart is hurting over some wrong in our world, even a small action can help. And those small actions can lead to larger ones. Hope inspires action. Action feeds hope.

Alone, we can feel helpless. Together, we are powerful. Let's be the helpers. Let's help each other. Let's let our love show.

Please vote for people who care about other people this election. Please show up for each other. Please.

I love you, fellow humans. I love you so much. None of you (us) is as bad as your (our) worst moment. None of you (us) is as good as your (our) best moment. Together let’s make our best moments the majority of our moments, shall we?

This is the worst of times. This is the best of times. It's true, isn't it?

I'm signing off of the internet for today. Please be good to each other. Please be kind to yourselves and to your loved ones and to strangers. It matters. It matters so much.

photos: seen in Newport, Rhode Island, October 9th & 10th, 2018