choosing my mirrors carefully

I just spent hours, yes hours, trying to figure out how best to get this video from my big camera onto the internet.  Ah, technology, how I love you, and how you challenge me.  

I also looked back through all my old blog posts.  The first blog I posted on this domain ( was posted on April 2nd, 2016.  That was about a month after I bought the domain and set up a SquareSpace account, in the hopes that we would soon sell our house and start our big adventure.  At the time, we had a goal to get our house on the market by April 11th, 2016.  Instead, we sold the house on April 11th.  (Oh, sh*%!  This just got real.)  I didn't have any travel stories or sailing stories to tell on that day.  Instead, I had an idea.  It was the Confabulation Challenge.  (

"So what's the challenge?  

Just for today (or for as long as you like) tell yourself something fabulous about you.  

Something like.....

You are a creative, wise, witty, lighthearted, healthy, strong, flexible, loving, creative, sexy genius.  

Now spend the rest of the day "remembering" all the ways this is true.  Prove it to yourself."

Last Sunday, I made this video, while we sailed from Boston to Kittery Point, Maine.  

In the time between that first post and this one, I have collected some travel stories and some sailing stories and some new, wonderful friend stories and some heartbreaking stories, too.  But one thing remains the same... 

I still need to choose my mirrors wisely, and to take them all with a grain of salt.  

You know what I mean?  Yes, I'm talking about the physical, shiny mirrors and storefronts where we all catches glimpses of our physical forms.  But I'm also talking about the human mirrors -- the people I surround myself with.  The ones who help me gauge how I'm doing in life.  No mirror is a perfect reflection and none can show the internal processes that show up in our physical form and our behaviors, but some are definitely more accurate than others and some are just fun.  Like this air vent on the boat.  

When you watch the video, look at the way the ocean and clouds move in the vent and then in the background.  Try not to get seasick.  

I actually giggled when I made this video, I was so pleased at the effect.  

Which of your human mirrors make you bubble over with glee?  Have you carved out any time in your life for them lately?