Plans Schlmans.

Last year, on this day, we were further south on our sailing trip than we are this year.  This year we are planning to sail south as soon as a weather window appears.  But this year we are only planning to get the boat to the Norfolk area, put her to bed in a boatyard, and fly back to Colorado to fix and flip a fire-damaged house that we bought while we were there in October.  The house is in Grand Junction and has been unoccupied since May.  It needs a lot of fixing, but we feel up to the task.  When it's all fixed up and ready to be occupied by humans again, we'll sell it and either look for another house to fix and flip or go back to the boat for some more sailing adventures.  This is nothing like our original plan when we sold the house we were living in back in May of 2016 which feels like an entire lifetime ago.  One of the main lessons I've learned in the past year and a half is that plans ....  change.  A lot.  And that's OK.