Dolphins in North Carolina

After being there for nearly a week, we left the small town of Oriental, NC this morning.  We had only planned to stay one or two nights, but when we were invited to be a central part of the New Year's Eve festivities by having our boat's mast be the one to "drop the Croaker" at midnight, our curiosity was piqued and we decided to stay at least until New Year's Day.  Then, the first three days of the New Year were pretty rainy and lightning was predicted along our planned route, so we decided to stay put for a bit longer.  It gave us longer to enjoy time with our new friends.  We simply had a wonderful time and will always have fond memories of our visit to Oriental.  Already we miss Nicola & Marc who are waiting for an engine part before continuing their journey south aboard their Bristol 41.1, Averi.  And already we miss Ann & Neville.

So many good stories.  So many belly laughs.


Just an hour or so from Oriental we were motoring into Adam's Creek Canal when we saw dolphins.  I dived below to grab the camera, raced to change lenses (wanted the zoom), scrambled back up into the cockpit and started clicking away.  I was very pleased to be getting some good shots when I noticed the light in the corner of the viewfinder that said, "No Card".  Ugh. 

I spent the next half hour emptying my camera bag, computer bag, & checking coat pockets, but alas, no SD card was found.  Realizing I must have dropped it in the coffee shop when I was loading photos onto my computer on New Year's Day, I waited til I had some cell service and called them.  And they had it!  Yay! 

Thanks to the lovely people at The Bean and dear, dear Nicola, and I'll have my SD card back soon. 

The Bean on New Year's Eve, 2016, just before midnight. 


Sorry, no dolphin pics this post.  🙄

Note to self:  get a backup SD card and make sure there is always one IN the camera.