Beds & breakfast, part II We've ordered a new V b...

Beds & breakfast, part II

We've ordered a new V berth mattress and new cockpit cushions. ETA: 4 weeks. We've bought a twin size memory foam mattress for the aft quarter berth and stuffed extra pillows and sheets along the edges. That is where we have been sleeping.

Breakfast has evolved into a routine of green tea and oatmeal for me and cereal bars and coffee for Adam.

I wouldn't call boat life comfortable yet, but it is mostly acceptable.

We've spent the past month learning how to live aboard and getting a lot of small kinks worked out. (Watch for a future post about all the things you can't take for granted if you live in a boat or in an RV.) We hope to spend the next month sailing, sailing, and more sailing.

We still have a lot of stuff in the RV that we need to move onto the boat or give away or sell. We have until Oct 1st to do so. (That's when it has to be moved out of the boatyard.)

I'm still homesick, but not to the point of tears numerous times a day. Now it's more like a good cry every other day and lots of heart pangs throughout each day. Funny, they still always take me by surprise. You'd think I would get used to them.

The jade plant in the photo is the only plant that came with us from our plant filled house. It has survived so many kinds of weather and motion. It was out on a picnic table one night at a campground on Cape Cod and some animal tried to eat it. It has scars and has survived the loss of so many leaves. But it has TONS of new growth. Jade, the Plant Being, and Dawn, the Human Being have been on a parallel journey. I can only hope that my new growth becomes as beautiful as Jade's.