We're going sailing tomorrow! We are incredibly e...

We're going sailing tomorrow! We are incredibly excited. (We are told that sailing is the best part of living on a sailboat.). It will be our first time sailing #SVDeepPeace. We have help, too. We met some wonderful, generous, kindhearted people on the dock at the boatyard last weekend and they just happened to be experienced sailors and they invited us to come sailing with them on their boat, Undaunted Courage. So last Saturday that is exactly what we did. We took a break from bilge cleaning and the never ending game of Tetris that is living in a small space and we went sailing with Bob & Darcey. And a wonderful time was had by all!

After sailing they invited us to lunch with them at their friends' beach house. Their friends & sailing companions, Dave & Andie, were gracious hosts and shared many sailing stories with us. Our sailboat could be seen from their dining table-- neighbors! After lunch Adam & I reluctantly said our goodbyes to go back to our boat and continue the cleaning and repairing and sorting and organizing. Later the same day, I was delighted to receive text messages from Darcey inviting us to dinner and for a lazy river float in a nearby cove the following day. Even though we felt we had to decline the invitations and continue with our boat chores, we were so grateful to be invited.

By the end of the weekend we were making plans to spend some time together this weekend.

So, tomorrow, if the wind cooperates, we will sail and have lunch aboard Deep Peace. And our dear friends, Neil & Nina, who have been so helpful to us since we arrived on the east coast, will come down from Boston for the big first sail, too!

I couldn't be happier. For the first time in months I can play hostess. and finally! We are going sailing on our boat!!! Wildly, this is our life. I still don't quite understand it.