hot day. rain.

It was a very hot and humid day. We were cleaning various compartments and bilge areas (there are so many). Then there was a rainstorm in the mid afternoon. We stayed on deck and got soaked by nature's shower. It was so cooling, even a little cold. The rain stopped after about 20 minutes. Then the sun and a strong, steady breeze dried our skin. We took a short nap on the bow-- not sleeping, just resting-- so maybe I should say we had a short savasana on the deck. I felt very peaceful and at home. This is what I imagined it might be like to live on a sailboat.

Smell mitigation continues with some major breakthroughs.

5:53 pm and I am happy with this life today.

How has your day been? What's a good thing that happened in your world today? Any breakthroughs?