Where to begin?

Since we bought this domain name (circumdance.com) and opened a SquareSpace account with the intention of learning (in a leisurely manner) how to build a website and keep it up to date.....

~ We sold our house (to former AirBNB guests) before actually putting it on the market.  April 11th, 2016 to May 25th (closing day) was a whirlwind blur of activity.  We had hoped to get the house on the market by Dawn's birthday (April 11th), but we knew we were going to miss that date because we wanted to complete a few more house projects before officially showing it.  Instead, we were informed that Brittany & Michael definitely wanted to buy it and were ready to go under contract.

~ Dawn went to the Colorado Democratic Convention to be a Delegate for Bernie Sanders on April 16th & 17th.

~ We helped Dawn's Mom find an apartment and move into it.

~ Adam worked his last day as a Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy on May 18th, wrapping up an 18 year long career in Law Enforcement.  (Hey look, we match, Dawn's career at 9-1-1 was also 18 years: 1995-2013.)

~ Dawn hosted her last AirBNB guest at Sol House and let go of her coveted status as an AirBNB SuperHost.

~ We downsized from a 2300 square foot home on 3 acres near Carbondale, Colorado to a 29 foot long RV with no permanent parking place, two weeks before Adam's entire family arrived for their already planned Colorado vacation.  

~ to be continued.....   I have to go meet with a boat broker right now (Noon, July 11th, 2016)